Our History

Front showroom

While visiting Cape Town in South Africa, back in 2008, we were amazed as Cameroonians, to see the cleanliness of the buildings.

Douala, like Cape Town is located on the seafront. But in Douala, unlike Cape Town, and despite the efforts of the inhabitants, the walls of most of our buildings are dirty, filthy, with faded paints.

In our quest for an explanation, we found a South African company specialized in this domain.

We were indeed quite skeptical in our first meeting when the managers presented their products, praising their quality and performance.

We remained even more doubtful thinking that if such miraculous products were already available in the world, no doubt that our shrewd and savvy Cameroonian businessmen would have known about them and promoted them by now.

But as we discussed, we realized:

  • The importance of the company in the South African landscape in general and in its field of competence, in particular;
  • Its experience and expertise acquired and validated over decades which made them the gold reference in this field today;
  • The seriousness of its managers;
    We therefore came to the conclusion without any hesitation that its proposed products were worth paying attention to.

After several years of discussion and many studies, we chose from a range of over 250 products manufactured by our partner companies, those who will no doubt revolutionize the finishing of walls and floors market.

Beyond the commercial interest, we strongly believe that the provision of these products in our domestic market and the CEMAC sub-region will have a significant contribution in:

  • Improving the well-being of our people (the money value will allow for substantial savings) while providing a more pleasant living environment;
  • Reducing the cost of inputs in the construction process;
  • Making our cities look cleaner and more beautiful;

These are the challenges that developers across DULURAN Company want to meet in the short and medium term.